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Posted May.03.16 at 05:35 pm

I probably should've made this post here long ago, but I felt...reluctant? As if I hoped for something, even though there was nothing to expect out of it.

I have two posts on my blog explaining the situation with BBR, so I don't wanna waste any more words here, I'm just putting this here as some sort of official closure for those who don't visit my blog or are just as reluctant to say "it's not gonna be updated".

There're lots of reasons why I decided to stop, and again, I don't wanna write essays about that right here right now. They may be small reasons, but they kept piling on, until I couldn't look at this comic and say "yeah, it's worth my time and effort, I'm proud of it, I'm ok with beginner artists and writers possibly being influenced by it" anymore. 

As I said in the second post, I still would love to retell the rest of the story in a very simplified manner and comment on my problems with it, but not right now. If that ever happens, I'll let you know here. 

I don't have any more cool words to say other than "thank you for accompaning me on this wild ride while it lasted" and "I hope to see you join my next rides".